Setting off from Zinal at 1740m On the way up Dent Blanche and the Grand Cornier Daničle on the way up
The peak of the Zinal Rothorn emerges from the clouds The last haul up to the refuge Our final destination, the Bishorn, 4159m, above the Turtmann glacier Getting closer to the refuge
The last steps of the day Arriving at the Tracuit refuge, 3270m The Bishorn 5.30 am ! Getting ready to leave
Sunrise, half an hour after leaving Crossing the glacier Still a long way to go Tea time
On the summit of the Bisshorn, completely clouded in. It's very cold and snowing in mid August ! Daničle trying to take a photo Bertrand on the summit My altimeter showing, falsely 4179m but it's only 4159m !