Ecrins et Provence
Our starting point, Hôtel de la Gare, Briançon Forming the group And we're off ! The view from col Vallouise over the Ecrins
Leaving on the morning for the 2nd day. from Entre-les Algues, 1615m. Here is the view looking back from the Vallon de la Selle. More views from Vallon de la Selle The Col de l'Aup Martin, 2651m. It's a bit chilly up here
Our home for the night, refuge du Pré de la Chaumette, 1810m Day 3 was, unfortunately very cloudy, so no views. After leaving the refuge we climb the col de la Vallette, 2668m. This is the way down the other side. There will be three passes to climb to-day. Our African guide, Mohamedd, perhaps more at ease on dunes, in a little difficulty. On the way up to the las pass of the day, Col de Vallonpierre, 2607m. The Glacier de Sirac only partially visible because of the weather.
Day 4 and a beautiful one. We leave from Villard Loubière, 1000m and look back towards the Pic de Bure The pass, col de la Vuarze, is in sight but still a long way off as it is at 2500m, but it's a nice long gentle walk up. Crossing streams What am I doing here when I could be relaxing on the beach ?
Les dames de Chollet On the other side of the pass which can be seen in the top left. The way down is long, steep, knee-jarring, awful. Day 5, on the way to col de la Muzelle, 2613m. Sherpa Mike
Down the other side Glacier de la Muzelle. Waterfall Day 6. The group having a pause on the way to the plateau d'Emparts.
The panorama from the plateau. On the extreme left is the Meije, 3982m, then the Rateau and the Girose glacier. La Meije, 3982m. Day 7, the last one and, unfortunately, it is cloudy and drizzling. Not too much then in the way of views. The finish line. My feet are killling me.
And then off to Provence for some rest at the Chateau de Rochegude. Relaxing by the pool. Avignon, where the festival was on so we went to a couple of plays. Orange, where we managed to get in free to see Carmen.
The finally to Aix where we had tickets to see the Traviata. Mireille Delunsch as Violetta