Gran Paradisio
Ready to leave. Light Backpacks. Gorges of the Isère river. Refuge de Prariond in the distance (2300m) Bacpacks ready to go at dawn
A nice late 7 am start to Day 2 View over the Glacier de l'Isère Looking back towards Val d'Isère Arriving at Col de la Lose (2957m)
A bit steep down the other side Unexpected crossing Rifugio Savoia. Wonderful food, wonderful keepers Off we go on Day 3
Plenty of marmots about Troubled farm Meanders Our first good look at Gran Paradisio (4061m)
Here you can see the whole trail from the Vittorio Emanuele hut Stop for a picnic rriving at the Vittorio Emanuele hut (2714 m) 5 star accomodation
Setting off for the ascension of Gran Paradision Climbing This way Showing us the way
On the way up Summit in view. You can even see people on the top. Summit at last ! 4061 m. We did it ! View of the Matterhorn and the Dent Blanche
The famous Madonna Seracs on the way down Ice formations Plenty of crevasses to navigate
The hut back in view The beer arriving Beer Chrstine on the way back to Rifugio Savoia praying for ..
her feet A new game, trying to land the hat on Eric Bull's eye Mérylle, Christine, Jean-Marc, Julie et Eric
Flowering lake Algae in flower Hungry Day 6 and off to rifugio Benevolo
Last look at Gran Paradisio Plenty of Edelweiss on the way Arriving near the Benevolo hut Granta Parei
Off we go on Day 7 Getting ready to cross our last glacier Glacier des Sauches Eric savouring the end of the trip