Off to the game reserves Our tent Quite comfortable inside Off on a walking safari Rhinos Resting Starting a game drive Riding in the Land-Rover Our first elephant Zebra who's lost part of his tail Yellow billed hornbill Barn owl Lilac crested roller Whilst we were watching this rhino.. a young lion appears out of the bush Folllowing him takes us back to his mother The young male Greater Eagle owl Spotted hyena with her cub Buffalo at dawn Old Bull Kudu Two leopards glimpsed from afar atop a termite mound Closer shot of them Camp Jabulani which specialises in .... elephant back safaris ! Off we go Meeting a king cheetah at the Cheetah centre Eating out of my hand The king cheetah Cheetah with cub Vulture feeding Vulture feeding Red billed hornbill A beautiful male emerges from the bush closely followed by the cubs. He's babysitting whilst the mothers are out shopping. The cubs playing The cubs playing The cubs playing Baby elephant Baby elephant with mother Nyala. Beautiful horns Warthog Tree with something in the branches A leopard with his kill Leopard and kill Lunch Lion keeping guard over a hippo carcass.. that the vultures would love to have Croc Egret and hippo A young hippo about to join the others Big mouth Another young lion Bushbuck Steinbuck Yellow billed hornbills We followed this hyena who took us to this lot who have obviously been eating a nyala. Too big for them to have killed by themselves, so they have stolen it. The hyenas are on the lower right, but look in the tree. If you look carefully you will see a tail which belongs to this leopard who is watching Finally he decides to come down Coming down But gets chased off by the hyenas and is then chased some more by buffalo. Bad day for him. Meanwhile, back at the camp, a Vervet Monkey has installed himself on the outside bed Bateleur Eagle Don't know the name of this one Bee eater Thirsty white rhino Rhino Rhino Flying warthog Wild dog Out hunting Killing a grey duiker But their meal is interrupted by the arrival of a hyena (upper right) who has heard the distress call of the duiker The dogs run off Leaving the hyena alone who wastes no time in tucking in But immediately, the dogs rush back and chase him off Off he goes with dogs snapping at him Back to the meal That was tasty ! Taking a trophy back home to the den where part of the meal is regurgitaed for the cubs Cub with food Just a puppy ! But what gave us the most pleasure were all the wonderful people we met and who looked after us with such kindness. We'll miss them all. And then it was time to go home. Thanks to everyone at Ngala walking safaris, Camp Jabulani, Camp Simbabili ana Londolozi.