Djebel Siroua
Morocco 2004

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Getting ready to leave Mosque on the road after Asni Tea break after the col Tizi n'Test On the col Tizi n'Test
Lunch break in The Souss valley Arganiers On the plateau of the anti-Atlas 1800m Packing the mules at Tislit
Packing the mules at Tislit Tislit And we're off for a 6 day trek After leaving Tislit
Gorges, Tislit and the first night's camp Gorges, Tislit Young donkey Older donkey
Assaka Assaka Assaka Tagouyamt and Assaka
Troglodyte dwellings, Tizgui Tizgui Tizgui 2nd days camp site above Tizgui 2400m
Heading towards Gueliz Gueliz 2900 m and 3rd days camp site Lunch. Thank you Hossein Leaving the camp on the 4th morning
Climbing towards Djebel Siroua Djebel Siroua Climbing the summit of Djebel Siroua 3304 m Summit of Djebel Siroua 3304 m
View from the summit of Djebel Siroua 3304 m Back down from the top. Lighting a bush to keep warm On the way down On the way down
Tissoutin 2500m, and Day 4 camp site Day 5, on the way to Anzounmer Going down mule paths At Ighmour
At Ighmour At Ighmour Tree climbing Tree climbing
Tree climbing Children in At Tigga Buying Safran from the mule drivers Our group
Tamazirt with Djebel Siroua in the distance Djebel Siroua seen fromTamazirt Lunch break on the Ouarzazate-Marrakech road Marrakech. The Koutoubia
Arriving at the Mamounia Gardens of the Mamounia A well-deserved rest